It’s no secret that massive data growth and ever-increasing performance demands keep storage infrastructures under near constant strain. Marland Technologies  comprehensive storage solutions help organizations manage explosive data growth and ensure that vital information assets are available across the extended enterprise.

Our engineers have extensive experience in enterprise-class storage technologies from industry-leading manufacturers, including:

Enterprise Storage Arrays
Storage Networks (NAS & SAN)
Cloud-Integrated Storage
Storage Virtualization
Solid-State Storage (Flash)
Unified Storage (File & Block)
High-Availability Storage Clusters
Data Backup
Data Protection
Data Management

As your trusted advisor, Marland Technologies begins with a rigorous assessment to better understand your company’s current storage practices and infrastructure, compare your storage model to best practices, and prioritize your immediate and future storage needs. Our rigorously tested tools and methodologies are designed to:

Identify the solution that addresses your business and technology needs
Design a solution that meets your budget
Deliver the complete solution and integrate it into your existing environment and systems
Support the solution on an ongoing basis with managed services and service contracts

Our engineers hold the highest certifications from industry-leading vendors and are current with the latest technologies and products. They use field-proven best practices to design and deploy “best-of-breed” solutions to fit your exact requirements. They also have the experience to integrate the chosen solution into your existing infrastructure with a minimum of business disruption or downtime.

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Networking & Security

Today, organizations rely upon both wired and wireless networks to conduct day-to-day operations Marland Technologies can help ensure the reliability of this critical infrastructure. We design, install, configure, test and support all network elements to ensure a fast, dependable, affordable and “always-on” broadband connection.

Networks today must support a wide range of communications and collaboration services, including voice, video and presence-based applications. Our certified expertise in IP communications platforms helps you take advantage of these technologies to reduce costs, improve productivity, increase flexibility and boost the bottom line. Additionally, we help improve the user experience and ensure speedy response times through the implementation of leading application acceleration and WAN optimization technologies.

Security is another critical element of network performance. Malicious attacks can cause downtime and data loss and sap productivity. A security breach can also tarnish an organization’s reputation, particularly in industries with regulatory mandates for data security and privacy. Yet security has become increasingly complex with dissolving network boundaries and the explosion of mobile devices.

Marland Technologies provides comprehensive security solutions, including firewalls, malware and spam blocking, intrusion detection and prevention, data encryption and more. Our endpoint security solutions help to secure, monitor and manage mobile devices, while automated security intelligence and analytics help detect, analyze and remediate threats. And if a security breach does make it through these defenses, we can rapidly respond through remote monitoring and management.


Data center architectures can differ significantly depending upon operational requirements. One constant is that all designs hinge on the efficiency, reliability and availability of key compute resources such as servers, server blades and virtual servers.

Marland Technologies  is a proven leader in the design, installation and provisioning of server solutions that meet performance and capacity requirements of the future. Our expertise extends from traditional rack-mount servers and blades to the latest converged infrastructure platforms, offering customers choice in the build-out of their compute environments.

We maintain strong business relationships with the leading manufacturers of enterprise-class servers, and we invest heavily in maintaining high-level certifications. This ensures our ability to build, design, implement and manage server solutions in either scale-up or scale-out configurations as core elements of a robust data center architecture.

Data center environments can comprise hundreds — perhaps thousands — of servers, which can create extreme management complications. Marland Technologies  can provide you with server-level automation and orchestration tools that virtually eliminate manual configuration processes and allow all components to be viewed and managed through a single interface.

Software-Defined Data Center & Hyper-Converged Solutions

Legacy networking architectures that rely on tiers of switches, routers and protocols essentially tie applications to specific servers, which require days or even weeks to reconfigure when changes are necessary. That is directly opposed to the move toward a more agile and efficient IT infrastructure.

Software-defined networking (SDN) applies principles of virtualization to the network layer to create more flexibility. SDN makes it possible to control all switches, routers and controllers through software. That makes it far easier to add or reconfigure devices.

In a software-defined data center, the infrastructure is fully virtualized to create new levels of standardization and consolidation. Physical equipment can be rightsized for power and cooling requirements, with servers and other hardware ramped up or down depending upon demand.

Marland Technologies  is proficient in all the fundamental technologies underlying the software-defined approach, including virtualization and network control principles. To help you determine if a software-defined approach is appropriate for your network, we have developed a workshop outlining recent developments, benefits and challenges of virtualized networks.

Marland Technologies maximizes the promise of hyper-convergence.  Our approach provides organizations with an optimal opportunity to modernize and simplify the management of their data centers.

Converged Infrastructure

Traditional data center architectures were designed to address predictable workloads, structured data and dedicated access. Today’s requirements are exactly opposite, with unpredictable workloads such as cloud, virtualization and big data applications.

Marland Technologies is proficient with the market’s leading converged infrastructure solutions, which combine siloed technologies such as compute, storage, networking and management into a single integrated platform that delivers immediate data center optimization.

Converged infrastructure solutions are pre-built and pre-configured systems that can be up and running in hours or days — not weeks or months. Single-pane-of-glass management that cuts across the technology stack makes adding services and applications faster and easier than ever before.

These systems are architected to support virtualization, making them good enabling platforms for private and public cloud services. And because they are consolidated to eliminate redundant components and minimize cabling, they help reduce the data center footprint and improve energy efficiency.

Marland Technologies also works closely with strategic partners to enable hyper-convergence, which applies principles of the software-defined infrastructure to converged platforms. In this way, compute, storage and networking resources are pooled in a single appliance and controlled by software.